Solar Women’s Aid final report outcome

Date: 11/11/2020

In May 2020, NextEnergy Foundation supported Solace Women’s Aid’s Emergency Appeal to ensure that no woman had to choose between domestic abuse and Covid-19. From the six-month report which we have received from Solace Women’s Aid, the Foundation’s donation has been used to directly support women and children fleeing domestic abuse across London.

The Emergency Appeal achieved the following:

  • Provided bed spaces for 175 women and 78 children fleeing abuse;
  • Supported over 180 women financially to find temporary accommodation and buy basic food supplies;
  • Deployed additional crisis and well-being workers to support women and children in the refuges; and,
  • Deployed additional support workers to respond to the increase in calls to the organisation’s helpline.

Overall, 4951 adults and 561 children were supported by Solace Women’s Aid in the first 6 months of the pandemic. Although the challenge is not yet over, NextEnergy Foundation’s support was vital as a first line of response to the pandemic.