COVID-19 - FromU2Them

Location: India

FromU2Them is a disaster relief project of the Gaia Conservation Foundation, a non-profit organisation which was founded six years ago to provide urban reforestation and sanitation in Maharashtra, India. Since March 2020, the FromU2Them project has been providing relief to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic across India, raising 1 million USD; supplying over 4.6 million meals to people facing hunger across the city of Mumbai; and, distributing over 500,000 USD worth of medical supplies.

The NextEnergy Foundation is supporting the distribution of 25 oxygen concentrators in India in response to the pandemic. The oxygen concentrators will be directed towards hospitals and COVID-19 centres in proximity to NextEnergy Capital’s office in Hyderabad and NextPower III ESG’s solar assets in India as below:

  • 10 in Hyderabad, Telangana, in proximity to the NEC office;
  • 10 in Chitradurga, Karnataka, where NextPower III ESG has solar assets; and,
  • 5 in Kalahandi, Odisha, where NextPower III ESG has solar assets.

In each of these locations, the oxygen concentrators will serve two purposes: the first is to provide essential support for those who continue to suffer from the pandemic and the second is to boost resilience against the looming third wave. Further details on the progress of the distributions will be shared shortly.

July 2021 Update: The 25 oxygen concentrators have now arrived at the FromU2Them facility; they have been tagged for distribution and will be dispatched to the three locations mentioned above in the coming days. A detailed report about the impact of the oxygen concentrators will be shared in due course.

September 2021 Update: This project is now complete. The average daily cases have fallen significantly over the month of August and, although government officials and health specialists posit that the second wave is not yet over, NextEnergy Foundation’s support has been important to help to plug the gap in adequate hospital facilities which India was facing.

Next, FromU2Them is turning their focus to provide aid to children living in slums across Mumbai, ensuring that their access to education is not prolonged further by the pandemic.