Posted on Nov 15, 2017 in Aid Projects

Flagship – A Level Programme
Makomborero is a UK based charity, founded by Mark and Laura Albertyn in 2007. It is a small charity that is run by a diverse team of trustees. Makomborero supports the work of Makomborero Zimbabwe by making grants to Makomborero Zimbabwe.
The charity provides a scholarship programme for around 8 promising students each year. These students are selected from hundreds of applicants following a rigorous academic and character based selection process developed by Mark.
All the students are provided with a high-quality A-level education at three top private schools in Harare, a home to live in and all the resources they require to make their study life as easy as possible. These students have all been recruited from the surrounding townships of Harare and each of them has an incredibly inspiring story of how they fought against tremendous odds to get through their GCSEs and come out with outstanding results.
The A-level Scholarship Scheme started in 2011 and we have had 5 groups of students graduate from Makomborero.  Our 8 second-year students from the 2016 intake are all doing well, and we have just recruited a further 8 first-year students for 2017.
The NextEnergy Foundation students of 2017/2018 are Isabel Masawi, an aspiring Actuary and Chiko Dhire, an aspiring Mechatronic Engineer.
Support for our students doesn’t stop after A-Levels. In order to ensure that our scholarship students go as far as they can with their education, Mark and Laura work with these students to apply for university scholarships around the world. Those students who don’t benefit from university scholarships are offered a grant to study at a Zimbabwean university. These grants will be repaid once the students are in full-time employment, making this scheme self-supporting.  We will have our first University Graduates in 2017.
Other initiatives include revision schools, mobile science laboratories, and support of rural and infant schools.

Makomborero Scholarship Newsletter Update 2017