Pop Up Fuel Bank December 2017

Posted on Jan 26, 2018 in Aid Projects

Over the Christmas period, NextEnergy Foundation teamed up with a partner to provide those affected by fuel poverty in Birmingham with a fuel voucher of £49. Across five distribution centres, there were 102 vouchers issued of which the donation has helped 169 adults and 116 children, totalling 285 people. We strongly believe in contributing to poverty alleviation globally and by helping families to have their heating on is a great way of help to tackle fuel poverty in the UK.

The voucher is for clients who use a pay as you go meter and can redeem the voucher at their nearest PayPoint retailer and would receive approximately 2 weeks’ worth of energy which would cover the Christmas period.

Fuel poverty affects approximately 2.3 million families in England of which 60,000 households in Birmingham cannot afford to heat their homes[1]. After speaking to some of the clients that received the voucher, one of them said “My daughter needs some new school shoes and I was going to have to choose between these or heating, this has made my decisions for me, thanks” and “We haven’t been able to put the heating on as the gas has run out and we have been sat with blankets on to keep us warm”.

Foodbank Manager, Gareth Duffield of Sparkhill Foodbank said, “Our clients are so grateful to the generosity of the NextEnergy Foundation for the support they received. Most of our clients we see do not work and are on low income, either because they are waiting for benefits or do not have enough money to get them from one benefit payment to the next. They were so shocked to be offered such a generous gift before Christmas and it meant that many families could be together at home with their children in a safe and warm environment.”

Additionally, “It would be a pleasure to say to the foundation, that Ward end unity hub foodbank have been greatly blessed with the pop up fuel bank. It has helped so many of our most vulnerable clients. Many of which couldn’t see how they could heat or even cook the food they were given. Thank you for all the help given and blessed to work with you”,
P.M Woolridge.

NextEnergy Foundation is pleased to have made a real difference in people’s lives over the Christmas period and will continue to seek similar opportunities in the future. If you would like to help or have more information, please contact Rebecca Hall at [email protected]

[1] “More than 2.3m families living in fuel poverty in England” by Jessica Elgot 30th December 2016: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/dec/30/millions-families-living-fuel-poverty-england-statistics