COVID-19 - Associazione La Rotonda

Location: Italy

Associazione La Rotonda is an association which works to promote social, educational, formative and labour-related initiatives across the most marginalised communities in Milan. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Associazione La Rotonda has been distribtuing food parcels to 750 individuals and 80 families in the Municipality of Baranzate, the Municipality within Milan with the lowest per-capita income and the highest percentage of migrant residents.

The NextEnergy Foundation Trustees have agreed to allocate 50% of the budget which had originally been set aside for the NextEnergy Capital Milan office Christmas 2020 festivities to delivering additional food parcels in Baranzate during December 2020. An additional donation was made by NextEnergy Capital Group Italy to bring the number of parcels distributed to 84. An update on the beneficiaries of the parcels and the impact of the work in the community will be provided shortly.