COVID-19 - Paddington Academy

Location: UK

Paddington Academy is a co-educational secondary school in inner-West London. It is an Outstanding (Ofsted-rated), non-selective Academy with 1,200 students from ages 11-18. However, 36.6% of children are on free school meals and many of the students do not have laptops on which to attend their online lessons during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A recent study carried out on over 4,000 families in England carried our for the Institute for Fiscal Studies found that children from wealthier families have spent more time per day during the Covid-19 lockdown studying compared with the poorest families. Part of this gap is explained by the finding that children from more disadvantaged families have fewer educational resources and parental support for home learning, and are less likely to have a place to study effectively. In order to address this disparity, NEF has expanded the remit of its Mission and made a donation to Paddington Academy to enable the school to purchase and distribute 50 laptops to students from low-income backgrounds and support their studies at this time.

Project Update: With the Foundation’s donation, 52 laptops were purchased. The donation significantly contributed to improving the engagement of students with their online learning and submission of work. For example in May, 23% of Year 7 students were completing and submitting up to 70% of their assignments. This increased to 41% by the end of the academic year in July 2020. For Year 9 students, 28% were completing and submitting over 90% of their assignments, increasing to 65% by July 2020. We wish all of the students at Paddington Academy the best of luck for the new academic year!