Bala Vikasa: Completion of Installations

Date: 26/07/2023

In March 2023, NextEnergy Foundation started a new partnership with Bala Vikasa, an Indian charity identified by the WiseEnergy team in Hyderabad.

Through Bala Vikasa, the Foundation funded the installation of two solar-powered community owned and managed water purification systems in two rural villages in India: Ragampet (Warangal District) and Pamena (Ranga Reddy District), Telangana State. For more details, please visit the dedicated project page: Bala Vikasa – NextEnergy Foundation.

The system in Pamena was inaugurated in June and the system in Ragampet was inaugurated in July. A full project update will be provided once Bala Vikasa submits the project completion report. In the meantime, please see some photographs of the two inauguration ceremonies below.