Dream Renewables: Final Project Report

Date: 20/10/2021

Between July and August 2021, NextEnergy Foundation supported Dream Renewables’ solar power training programmes in Ghana, one in Ditza, a rural fishing community in the south of the Volta Region, and one in Kumasi, Ghana’s second biggest city. In addition, an online programme was run with evening courses supplemented by a day of practical workshops. Overall, 40 young people completed the programmes.

During these programmes, trainees learnt about the theoretical and practical elements of solar power from experts in the industry. They also worked alongside a professional installation team for the design and installation of an 8kW solar hybrid system; installed two DC solar hybrid systems to provide power for local community spaces; and, worked in groups to design and pitch a solar power system for a local business. Towards the end of the training, groups of trainees visited churches, schools and community centres to spread the word about climate change and the various benefits of solar energy and clean cooking technologies. In total, over 500 people were reached through these sessions.

A 24-year-old female trainee said, “Before attending this course I thought it would just teach me how to install solar systems. However, when I arrived, I realised it was really nice. They taught us how to manage our energy and perform energy audits. Afterwards, we did practicals, and trust me, now I can install a solar system! Also, I urge my lady colleagues out there to engage with courses like this – this is not only for men.

An impact summary of the Foundation’s support is below:

  • 40 students trained in solar power and energy efficiency
  • Two solar systems installed in rural communities
  • Over 500 people impacted through the ‘students become the teachers’ model
  • Eight solar home systems sold to Trainees at reduced rates
  • 16 alumni applied for internships with Dream Renewables’ industrial partners
  • Two groups of alumni are now working on renewable energy projects in their communities
  • Formation of a solar power and clean cooking advocacy group
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair of three solar power systems in rural communities
  • Distribution of 20 fuel-efficient stoves for community members to trial

Please see the project page for more photographs.