Dream Renewables Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems Update


Date: 29/02/2004

NextEnergy Foundation supported Dream Renewables to install a solar-powered irrigation pilot systems for 10 small-holding farmers in the rural fishing communities of Ditza and Woe, in south-east Ghana.

The positive impact of the project on local community is to eliminate the use of diesel generators and high-carbon grid electricity and increase farmers’ yields and reducing farming time.

Following exceptional floods due to emergency procedure of opening of the sluice gates at Akosombo Dam that affected, among many others, the communities where the irrigation systems are to be installed, the project had some unforeseen delays.

At the time of this update, the project is back on track with all technical preparing phases completed and 10 farmers committed to the project.

The installation phase is expected in March 2024, including final tests, baseline data collection and holding a committee meeting with all the project participants. Please see project page for more details.