Dream Renewables: Solar Training Update

Date: 13/09/2021

Dream Renewables is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to educate and inspire young Ghanaians about renewable energy through practical, hands-on learning. Between July and August, NextEnergy Foundation sponsored Dream Renewables’ solar power training programmes; the Foundation was the sole supporter of these programmes. Two courses were run: one in Dzita, a rural fishing community in the south of the Volta Region, and one in Kumasi, Ghana’s second biggest city.

Dream Renewables has provided the following update on the programme in Dzita:

  • 24 students in total (16 attending daytime training and 8 attending virtual evening classes)
  • Learning outcomes included, amongst others, the installation of a 200w 1kWh solar power system for a small government clinic and conducting renewable energy advocacy at 3 local schools and in two community areas, reaching over 400 people
  • Following the programme, 2 students have signed up to Dream Renewables’ internship programme to be deployed with solar energy companies in Accra; 1 student has signed up to Dream Renewables’ mentoring programme; and, 2 groups of students are working on projects in their communities using the knowledge they learnt

An update on the programme run in Kumasi, as well as an overall impact report will be shared in due course. For more project photographs, please visit the project page.