Empower Malawi: Installation Update

Date: 13/01/21

Three years ago, Empower Malawi set out with a goal, a goal to install solar lighting on every one of the 193 primary schools in the Nkhata Bay District, Malawi. NextEnergy Foundation has been supporting Empower Malawi since 2017 to make significant strides to achieve this goal. Thus far, four rounds of grants have been made, of which the most recent will allow Empower Malawi to reach a minimum of 140 primary schools in the District; this is over 70% of the ambitious target. Since December 2020, solar lighting systems have been installed on 51 new schools – due to the large number of children in each classroom, this will expose 22,326 students to solar energy for the first time. Thank you to our very own Daniel Kingscote and Paul Norrish for driving this goal forwards and helping to realise the power of solar, not only in carbon emissions reductions, but also in poverty alleviation.