FINCA International: Lamp Library Project Update

Date: 25/01/2021

In 2019, NextEnergy Foundation (“NEF”) partnered with FINCA’s social enterprise, BrightLife, in their Lamp Library Project in Uganda. The Project identifies a selection of schools in rural areas that have no access to electricity and retrofits them to house up to 100 solar lamps per school. The Project allows students to use the portable solar lanterns during school hours and to borrow them to take home – just as you would borrow a book from a library – to facilitate evening studying.

Since February 2019, the project has been rolled out to six schools, benefiting a total of 2,790 students and more than 4,000 community members in and around the schools. In addition, the Lamp Library project was featured on the most watched national TV channel in Uganda with coverage on the new schools participating in the project. A short video of the footage can be found here: