GivePower: Water Desalinisation Update

Date: 05/08/2022

Last year, NextEnergy Foundation (“NEF”) funded the installation of a ‘Mobi’ solar-powered desalinisation system with GivePower. The Mobi is located in the Cabo de la Vela community, La Guajira, Colombia.

GivePower has recently provided an update on the status of the Mobi and its impact in the Cabo de la Vela community. As of 31st July:

509,000 litres potable water distributed;
3,000 community members with access to potable water;
• Average 1,600 customers per week;
USD 5,551 total revenue from sales to date.

The system is managed by a team of four volunteers from the local Wayuu indigenous community and Yenny (above) is the site manager. The revenues from the Mobi are re-invested into the system and also cover Yenny’s salary.