Humanitas: Project Completion

Date: 02/06/2023

NextEnergy Foundation (“NEF”) has funded the installation of a 5kWp rooftop solar system on Humanitas’s secondary school in Ayensuako, a rural village 400km from Accra, Ghana.

The installation was completed in mid-May and the system powers sewing machines; a fridge and a freezer; lights; laptops; and, the internet router. Some information about the impact of the system thus far is below.

  • Environmental: CO2 emissions avoided from previous dependence on the national grid – Humanitas will report back to NEF on the emissions reductions for the next three years
  • Environmental: reduction in food waste caused by frequent blackouts when depending on the grid for electricity
  • Social: learning without interruption which previously occurred because of frequent blackouts – Humanitas will report back to NEF on the improvements in enrolment rates and academic performance for the next three years
  • Social: Humanitas Project Manager and five school staff trained to operate and manage the system
  • Economic: reduction in energy costs – savings will be re-directed to school supplies

Visit the project page for more details.