Intrecci: Project Completion

Date: 01/01/2022

In January 2021, NextEnergy Foundation began a new partnership with Intrecci Cooperativa Sociale. The Foundation covered the cost of six pre-paid cards (each with a duration of six months) for individuals and families living in Garbagnate Milanese, Milan to shop at Intrecci’s Solidarity Emporium. The project has now completed.

In total, 10 adults, 8 children and 4 young adults (18-25 years) benefited from the Foundation’s support. Each pre-paid card covered the costs for the beneficiaries to shop at the Solidarity Emporium, as well as local social support and regular financial training to help the families to manage their economic resources effectively.

For some families, the project helped to alleviate household costs by not forcing them to choose between buying food or paying bills. For those where one or more adults were unemployed, the social support received was the necessary stepping stone to re-integrate into the labour market. Thus, the benefits of the project will continue beyond the project’s recent completion.