Makomborero: January 2022 Update

Date: 19/01/2022

NextEnergy Foundation is supporting the A-Level studies of two students, Elias Chikwanda and Nyasha Mapira, in Zimbabwe from 2021-2023.

With the close of the third term at the end of 2021, we have received letters from both students thanking the Foundation for enabling their studies. Both Elias and Nyasha mentioned that after a difficult start to the year because of the challenge of making new friends, compounded by online learning, they are pleased with their progress and are glad that they did not give up!

Elias was particularly inspired by the ‘adventure trips’ organised by his school and is partaking in many extra-curricular activities: swimming, movie nights and playing ball games. Nyasha was awarded a commendation for her mid-year results and took part in her school’s Speech Night. She also mentioned that she grew personally and spiritually through a two-week environmental project which involved giving back to the community through litter picking and organising local clean-up days.

Please find the latest Makomborero Newsletter here. We wish Elias and Nyasha a wonderful start to their final year!