Mayi Walas: Grant Period Complete

Date: 14/07/2023

In April 2022, NextEnergy Foundation (“NEF”) began supporting SolarAid’s ‘Mayi Walas’ programme. Mayi Walas means ‘Shining Mothers’ in Chichewa, Malawi’s national language.

The programme recruits, trains and backs women entrepreneurs to run solar light businesses across rural Malawi. It was piloted in March 2021 and rolled-out across the country from August 2021. To date, 146 Wayi Malas groups have been formed across 17 Districts; 15 groups were trained and supported with NextEnergy Foundation’s grant.

NextEnergy Foundation’s grant period ended in June 2023. Key impacts from the 15 groups supported by the Foundation are below:

  • 234 women entrepreneurs;
  • 560 solar lights sold;
  • 2,980 people reached with solar light;
  • 313 tonnes CO2 emissions averted;
  • 97% yearly household savings compared to previous expenditure on toxic and unsustainable light sources;
  • 2,166 people experiencing improved health; and,
  • 521 more children studying after dark.

Please visit the project page for more details about the programme and the impact of all 146 Mayi Malas groups.

NextEnergy Foundation is continuing to bring solar energy to the poorest, last-mile communities in rural Malawi through SolarAid’s Light a Village programme.