NEC and NEF donations at Christmas time

Date: 08/01/2021

In order to continue the response to the socio-economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, NEC donated 50% of the budgets originally set aside for Christmas festivities in the London (UK), Hyderabad (India) and Milan (Italy) offices to support marginalised elderly, vulnerable children and struggling families over the holiday season.

NEF added to this support and together with NEC, £43,600 have been committed to initiatives in the UK, India and Italy. In the UK, Open Kitchens and The Akshaya Patra Foundation are being supported; in India we are also supporting The Akshaya Patra Foundation; and, in Italy we are working together with Associazione La Rotonda, Fondazione Francesca Rava and Intrecci Cooperativa Sociale.

More information on each of these projects and an update on the impacts of our donations will be shared in due course.