New Partnership: Bala Vikasa

Date: 06/03/2023

Bala Vikasa is an Indian charity which promotes community-driven sustainable development through capacity-building; female empowerment; youth mobilisation and technical training. Since its founding in 1990, the organisation has reached over 6 million beneficiaries in India across 9 States.

NextEnergy Foundation is installing two solar-powered community owned and managed water purification systems with Bala Vikasa in two rural villages in India: Anthaipally (Medchal District) and Nazi Thanda (Warangal District), Telangana State.

The 2 villages where the systems will be implemented were selected because of the poor existing water quality; willingness of the community to contribute financially; and, willingness of community to elect a Water Committee to manage the system (including 30% female representatives).

Following the installation, monthly meetings will be held by the Water Committee in each village to monitor the system maintenance. These will be attended by Bala Vikasa staff for the first six months.

Thank you to three colleagues from WiseEnergy for proposing this project. They will also be visiting the villages to inaugurate the systems and take part in some of the monthly meetings following once installed.

An update on the project’s progress will be provided in due course.