NextEnergy Foundation Deepens its Partnership with Empower Malawi

Date: 15/05/2023

NextEnergy Foundation is excited to announce that it is deepening the impact of renewable energy access to improve educational outcomes in Malawi. The Foundation has supported Empower Malawi since 2017. Together, we have installed solar systems on 100% of the primary and secondary schools in the Nkhata Bay District, Malawi, making it the first and only District in Malawi where all schools have access to energy. Please visit the Empower Malawi page for more details about our impact to date: Empower Malawi – NextEnergy Foundation

This year, as demand for clean energy access continues to rise, NextEnergy Foundation is funding the installation of an additional six systems on 78 schools this year; the hope is to be able to expand the systems on all 245 schools in the District over the next five years. The Foundation is also covering the salary of a local technician who will oversee the installations and better monitor the impact  of energy access on school attendance and educational performance. The technician will also conduct research and development on other solar energy-enabled innovations which Empower Malawi could explore in future, such as electric bicycles and solar irrigation or milling technologies.