Renewable World E4H Update

Date: 18/08/2020

NextEnergy Foundation began a new partnership in 2020 with Renewable World. We are supporting its Clean Energy for Improved Health Project in two hill-top communities in the Surkhet District of Nepal. Part of the project is to equip local health posts with solar power and electrical equipment to ensure that health care centres have the necessary equipment to treat victims of the long-term effects of the hazardous pollutants released by traditional cookstoves.

The site-selection phase was delayed due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. However, NEF is pleased to announce that we now know the two health posts which we will be equipping. The first is the Baispani Community Health Unit which serves 145 households and is 35km from the nearest rural municipality. The second is the Khanikhola Community Health Unit which serves 600 households, is 22km from the nearest rural municipality, and where there is currently a nebulizer, although it cannot be used to treat Covid-19 patients due to the absence of power.

A more detailed update about the project progress will be made in October 2020.