Solar Street Light Project Completion

Date: 11/07/2023

NextEnergy Foundation has supported AROH Foundation to install 150 solar street lights (“SSLs”) across 10 villages in the Varanasi District, Uttar Pradesh, India. The villages were selected based on AROH’s existing presence and because they lack the adequate infrastructure for adequate power supply.

One of our team members from WiseEnergy, Mrigendra Kumar Rai, visited three of the villages where installations were underway in May. The installations are now complete in all 10 villages. Overall, the SSLs are serving 45,000 community members. As a result of the project:

  • Night-time security has improved for the villagers, especially women and children
  • Villagers have a better understanding about the power of renewable sources of energy to improve livelihoods
  • Community groups have been formed and trained to monitor the lights and take responsibility for their maintenance

Please visit our project page for more details about the project.

Thank you again to Mrigendra for identifying AROH Foundation and being involved in the project approval and implementation processes.