Solar Women’s Aid update (COVID-19 Support)

Date: 07/10/2020

Solace Women’s Aid works to prevent violence and abuse towards women and girls, and to provide services to meet the needs of domestic abuse survivors. In March 2020, Solace launched an Emergency Response Fund to ensure that no woman was forced to choose between Covid-19 and domestic abuse. NEF has supported the Fund, which is addressing both the immediate and longer-term needs of women and children fleeing from domestic and sexual abuse.

An update has been received from Solace Women’s Aid that thus far 150 women have been supported through the Emergency Response Fund, of which 20 with NEF’s donation. In addition, Solace Women’s Aid is working to expand the number of staff supporting their services to meet the increase demand since the lockdown was lifted. The Foundation’s donation is also contributing to this response strategy, and a more detailed update will be provided in mid-November.