Update from Renewable World: E4H Project

Date: 22/01/2021

NextEnergy Foundation is supporting Renewable World’s E4H project in Nepal to halt the preventable deaths, predominantly of women and children, caused by the effects of inefficient and polluting traditional cooking stoves, and improve the health of the inhabitants in two extremely poor, off-grid communities in the Surkhet District.

Renewable World has provided an update that the project is progressing well, despite some initial set-backs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the training of the Improved Cookstove Technicians has now completed. In total, 18 local people were trained, split evenly between men and women. The Technicians have acquired valuable skills in the construction and marketing of the three types of improved cookstoves (ICS) being promoted through E4H and will go on to carry out a simple market demand study; construct and install ICS based on demand; continue to hone their ICS construction skills; coordinate with relevant stakeholders (cooperatives, local government departments and forest-user groups) to generate further demand for ICS; and, strengthen this enterprise as part of their overall livelihoods.