VoltaView: Six-Month Project Update

Date: 25/10/2023

Earlier this year, NextEnergy Foundation fully funded the assembly, transportation and installation of a Mini-Grid-25 system developed by VoltaView in the Tweyambe Secondary and High School, Tanzania. The installation was completed in March 2023.

Since March, the average daily potable water consumption as been 600 litres. Average electricity generated has been 22kWh per day, which equates to 4 tonnes CO2e emissions avoided over the six month period and has saved the school EUR 2,400 on fuel costs.

The Mini-Grid-25 system is generating electricity for two charging boxes which serve as power banks in the classrooms with computers; lighting the student dorms in the evenings; and, replacing two fuel operated generators in the workshops of the school. The system is also being utilised by the Physics teacher for practical lessons where he demonstrates how solar PV works, and teaches about battery storage, energy conversion, and simple calculations related to energy generation and emissions reductions.