Makomborero: Final 2021-23 Update

Date: 27/01/2023

NextEnergy Foundation supported the A-Level studies of Nyasha Mapira and Elias Chikwanda in Zimbabwe from 2021-2023. Please see the project page for more information about their progress over the last two years, as well as the other students which the Foundation has supported since 2017.

Nyasha and Elias completed their A-Level examinations at the end of December 2022:

  • Elias: Computer Science A*, Chemistry A*, Mathematics A*, Further Mathematics A* and Physics A*
  • Nyasha: Computer Science C, Chemistry C, Mathematics B and Physics A

Elias has been offered a full scholarship at Stanford University, whilst Nyasha is still waiting to hear whether she has received an offer from the University of Zimbabwe.

In a thank you letter received from Nyasha, she told us all about the what she learnt over the last two years at the Makomborero boarding house. The greatest lesson was that “there is more joy in giving than in receiving…and that life does not just revolve around books”. She also said that she feels she has grown into “an interactive and confident young lady” and that she enjoyed being the Vice Captain of her school’s volleyball team.

Instead, Elias thanked the Foundation for the school equipment he had and for the new bus which allowed the students to travel to undertake community activities and sports. He is grateful for the support he received from his House Mother to apply to university and concluded that the last two years with Makomborero changed his perspective of the world; he has “learnt so many principles that are good for life” and he will carry with him to university in the United States.

The photograph above is of Nyasha with her friends at the Prom held in November 2022 prior to the A-Levels beginning. Please read Makomborero’s latest Newsletter for more information about the activities undertaken in the last term and the other students with Makomborero.

NextEnergy Foundation is extremely proud of the progress which Nyasha and Elias have made over the last two years, and we wish them all the best in their next steps in life!