Location: Zimbabwe

Founded in 2007, Makomborero is a UK-based charity which supports the work of Makomborero Zimbabwe through grants. In 2011, the charity launched its flagship A-Level Programme which entails providing scholarships for a high-quality A-Level education to promising students at one of three top private schools in Harare, Zimbabwe, as well as a home to live in and all the resources required for their studied. The students are recruited from the surrounding townships of Harare and each of them has an incredibly inspiring story of how they fought against tremendous odds to get through their GCSEs and come out with outstanding results. In addition, support for students does not stop after A-Levels. In order to ensure that the scholarship students go as far as they can with their education, Makomborero helps them to apply for university scholarships around the world. Those students who don’t benefit from university scholarships are offered a grant to study at a Zimbabwean university. These grants will be repaid once the students are in full-time employment, making this scheme self-supporting. Some of the charity’s other initiatives include revision schools, mobile science laboratories, and support of rural and infant schools.

NextEnergy Foundation sponsored two students in the A-Level Programme for their 2017-19 A-Level studies. Chikomborero Dhire was an aspiring Mechanical Engineer who is now studying electrical and computer engineering at the Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, USA, having received a full scholarship to do so, whilst Isabel Masawi, an aspiring Actuary, will attend university in Australia in September 2020.

Location: Zimbabwe

Founded in 2007, Makomborero is a UK-based charity which supports the work of Makomborero Zimbabwe through grants. In 2011, the charity launched its flagship A-Level Programme which entails providing scholarships for a high-quality A-Level education to promising students at one of three top private schools in Harare, Zimbabwe, as well as a home to live in and all the resources required for their studied. NextEnergy Foundation first sponsored the A-Level studies of two students in 2017.

In 2019, NextEnergy Foundation renewed its commitment to supporting an additional two students in Makomborero’s 2019-2021 A-Level Programme: Bradley Chinhara is an aspiring Mechanical or Electrical Engineer, and Winne Mauto is an aspiring Neurosurgeon. NextEnergy Foundation has received reports on the students for their first year of studies. Both are excelling in their academic and extra-curricular commitments. Bradley won the Zimbabwean Mathematics Olympiad and was awarded the Pure Mathematics and Further Mathematics prizes at his school’s Prize Giving Day. He is also the head of the school’s chess club. Winne performed a lot higher than the class average in her A-Level subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, and won the Mathematics prize at her school. She plays in the 1st Soccer Team and she is also in the First Aid Club which assists during tournaments.

In March 2020, NextEnergy Foundation received reports for the first term of the 2020 academic year. Bradley has improved significantly in both his academic subjects and extra-curricular activities. He has been praised for being a respectful, responsible, and well-presented member of the class, and for coming to school on time. Winnie is performing well above her class averages in her A-Level subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. She has been commended by her Soccer coach for “her faithfulness and loyalty to the team” and has shown great enthusiasm and commitment for her role as a leader to junior students who require academic support.

January 2021 Final Project Update: We are delighted to share the news that both students have now completed their studies with top grades: Bradley received 3 A*s and 1 A, and Winne received 3 A*s. These are outstanding results and ones which will hopefully secure them incredible scholarships for university next year.

You can watch the graduation video in which both Bradley and Winnie make powerful speeches here: In addition, please see some of the graduation photographs of all the students who recently completed their studies above. We wish both Bradley and Winnie all the best for the bright futures ahead of them!

Location: Zimbabwe

NextEnergy Foundation first sponsored the A-Level studies of two students in 2017 through Makomborero in 2017. In May 2021, NextEnergy Foundation renewed its commitment to supporting an two students for the third time in Makomborero’s A-Level Programme: Nyasha Runhare, an aspiring software engineer and Elias Chikwanda, an aspiring neurosurgeon.

September 2021 Update: With the conclusion of the second term of the school year in Zimbabwe, Makomborero has shared its most recent Newsletter . In addition, Nyasha and Elias wrote us letters where they told us about their progress in their own words. Both students felt the pressure of the mock examinations they recently sat, although this motivated them to study hard, and they are excited at the prospect of returning to in-person lessons in the next term. Nyasha mentioned that she has been enjoying her extra-curriculum activities and the “opportunity to forget about books for a moment”, whilst told us that he is part of the first aid, chess, and marimba clubs, and has had fun in PE lessons playing volleyball and tug-of-war. He also was keen to let us know that he has been enjoying the meals at the boarding house, and that there is “no flaw in the menu”!

We wish both Nyasha and Elias luck in their next term and look forward to hearing about their progress later in the year.

January 2022 Update: With the close of the third term at the end of 2021, we have received letters from both students thanking the Foundation for enabling their studies. Both Elias and Nyasha mentioned that after a difficult start to the year because of the challenge of making new friends, compounded by online learning, they are pleased with their progress and are glad that they did not give up!

Elias was particularly inspired by the ‘adventure trips’ organised by his school and is partaking in many extra-curricular activities: swimming, movie nights and playing ball games. Nyasha was awarded a commendation for her mid-year results and took part in her school’s Speech Night. She also mentioned that she grew personally and spiritually through a two-week environmental project which involved giving back to the community through litter picking and organising local clean-up days.

Please find the latest Makomborero Newsletter here. We wish Elias and Nyasha a wonderful start to their final year!

April 2022 Update: Nyasha’s House Mother wrote that Nyasha has improved academically throughout the term and it focused on her studies. From her report, her best subject is Mathematics, followed closely by Computer Science and Physics. Nyasha wrote a letter to inform NEF that she has been enjoying returning to in-person lessons and she was particularly keen to mention her selection for the volleyball team. Nyasha also spoke of the benefits she has felt from attending the weekly sessions with a psychologist organised by the Makomborero boarding house for all students.

Elias performed significantly above average in all his subjects last term – Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. His teachers have all commended him highly for his commitment to his studies and growing confidence. Elias’s Form Tutor wrote: “It is wonderful when one’s efforts pay off and I hope Elias feels proud of this glowing report. Let him use it to keep motivated and keep working hard, as he has been, for the rest of the year.” According to his House Mother, he has begun his SAT and university application preparations, remaining focused and determined to do well both inside and outside school. In a letter written by Elias, he also mentioned that he has got to know himself better and discover his interests through the weekly work with the psychologist.

Please find the latest Makomborero Newsletter here. We wish both students the best of luck as they begin their second term of Upper Sixth!

September 2022 Update: The students have recently completed the second term of their last year at secondary school. This was the first term without COVID-19 restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic.

Nyasha wrote a letter updating us about how much “more and more fun” the term was: Nyasha wrote that the mock exams were more difficult than in Lower Sixth, but she tried her best and her grades improved. Outside the classroom, Nyasha played several volleyball matches and is proud to be part of the first team! Nyasha also took part in the school play – where “I discovered my dancing skills”, she wrote – and enjoyed watching movies and holding prayer sessions in the evenings with her boarding house.

In a letter from Elias, he told us that he “survived through the hardship” of the mock examinations. His results have been stellar: Elias performed significantly above average in all his subjects and is expected to obtain 3 A*s and 2 As in his final examinations. His teachers all highly commended him for his work, and his form tutor wrote, “Elias is such a cheerful and kind young person who interacts well with his peers. His report is a glowing review of his effort and commitment to all he does”. Elias also told us that he is grateful for the Wi-Fi working well so that he can research universities to begin applying in October.

Please see Makomborero’s latest newsletter for more information about the last term.

October 2022 Update: The students had their last week at school before they begin their study leave in preparation for their A-Level examinations. Nyasha enjoyed a farewell service and lunch at school whilst Elias was awarded several subject prizes at his school’s Speech Night – Pure Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Further Mathematics – as well as a trophy for best AS Level results.

The NextEnergy Foundation is tremendously proud of both students’ hard work and we wish them all the best in their upcoming final examinations!

January 2023 Update: The students completed their A-Level examinations at the end of December 2022. Their results are below:

  • Elias: Computer Science A*, Chemistry A*, Mathematics A*, Further Mathematics A* and Physics A*
  • Nyasha: Computer Science C, Chemistry C, Mathematics B and Physics A

Elias has been offered a full scholarship at Stanford University, whilst Nyasha is still waiting to hear whether she has received an offer from the University of Zimbabwe.

In a thank you letter received from Nyasha, she told us all about the what she learnt over the last two years at the Makomborero boarding house. The greatest lesson was that “there is more joy in giving than in receiving…and that life does not just revolve around books”. She also said that she feels she has grown into “an interactive and confident young lady” and that she enjoyed being the Vice Captain of her school’s volleyball team.

Instead, Elias thanked the Foundation for the school equipment he had and for the new bus which allowed the students to travel to undertake community activities and sports. He is grateful for the support he received from his House Mother to apply to university and concluded that the last two years with Makomborero changed his perspective of the world; he has “learnt so many principles that are good for life” and he will carry with him to university in the United States.

A photograph of Nyasha with her friends at the Prom held in November 2022 is above. Please see Makomborero’s latest Newsletter for more information about the activities undertaken in the last term and the other students with Makomborero.

NextEnergy Foundation is extremely proud of the progress which Nyasha and Elias have made over the last two years, and we wish them all the best in their next steps in life!