Istituto Oikos

Location: Tanzania

Istituto Oikos (“Oikos”) is a non-profit organisation that operates in Europe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Myanmar and Lebanon to safeguard biodiversity and to promote the widespread adoption of more sustainable lifestyles. Oikos has a vision for a future in which ecology, economy and equity come together to reconcile the needs of people and planet. Their Mission is to contribute to preserving ecosystems and supporting development through professionalism, innovation and participation.

In November 2019, Oikos began a three-year project to strengthen the WASH services in the Region of Manyara, Tanzania. The intervention aims to guarantee and increase the equitable access and economically sustainable rural water schemes in rural villages across the Districts of Kiteto and Simanjiro. NextEnergy Foundation will be replacing two diesel water pumps with solar-powered water pumps in the rural villages of Ilkishbour and Ndedo in the Kiteto District. Approximately 9,300 people are expected to benefit from the project, and the installation of the solar pumps will be completed in June 2021.

January 2021 Update: Oikos has recently provided an update that the project has, fortunately, not been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the villages of Ilkishbour and Ndedo, the hydrological, geophysical and pumping tests to implement the solar-powered solar pumps are now complete. Oikos and their local partner, RUWASA (Rural Water Sanitation Agency), have also met with the two communities to collaborate on the project with them. Oikos has reaffirmed that this close partnership in loco will undoubtedly ensure the sustainability of the water pumps following the completion of their installation. Another project update will be provided upon completion of the project in June 2021.

September 2021 Update: Oikos has provided an update that the project is now 80% complete and is expected to finish between October and November 2021.