Catalyse Change CIC

Location: UK

Catalyse Change is a social enterprise supporting girls and young women (“GYM”) to develop sustainability skills and knowledge for ‘healthy, happy and green’ communities, careers and planet.

NextEnergy Foundation donated to the 2019/20 Catalyse Change Bootcamp and Mentoring Programme. Of the 27 GYM participants, 1/3 were supported by bursaries. The Programme increased the participants’ knowledge around social and environmental sustainability through workshops on sustainability concepts, sessions on resilience and guest speakers talking about different career pathways. The GYM were also guided to better their strengths so they could identify goals related to social and environmental sustainability through goal-setting and mentoring, which has continued after the Bootcamp. In addition, the participants were given opportunities to network and organise themselves to enhance their active engagement with sustainability.

Following the success of the Programme, Catalyse Change will be repeating it with a larger number of participants in 2020/21.