Renewable World

Location: Nepal

Renewable World is a UK-based charity which tackles poverty using innovative renewable energy solutions that help the poorest and hardest-to-reach communities adapt to climate change and mitigate its impact.

NextEnergy Foundation is proud to announce that is supporting Renewable World’s Clean Energy for Health Project (E4H), which aims to improve health in rural areas of Surkhet District, Nepal, where poor healthcare access and ill-health severely limit opportunities for the poorest. E4H will improve health in ten communities by increasing access to energy-enabled healthcare, expanding the services remote health posts can offer, and rolling out improved cook stoves, which will reduce indoor air pollution, reduce the use of firewood and create new livelihoods opportunities for agriculture-dependent communities.

Over two years between 2020-22, E4H will be rolled out in 10 remote communities, benefitting an estimated 12,000 people across Surkhet.  NextEnergy Foundation is supporting Renewable World to deliver this project in two communities in 2020/21, Baispani and Khanikola, where over 4,000 people will benefit from the Foundation’s support.

As part of E4H, solar power systems are now being installed in each of the Health Posts in partnership with the local health department and the local community. The Health Posts are also being equipped with basic medical equipment, such as stethoscopes and weighing scales, as well as energy-reliant equipment, such as refrigerators, fans, sterilisers and nebulisers. This equipment means Health Post staff can offer a wider range of frontline care and treatment, as well as being able to offer routine vaccinations. Health Post staff are also receiving training to ensure the basic operation and maintenance of the energy system and equipment, while the future maintenance and sustainability of the systems has been assured by the local health department.

At the same time E4H is training specially selected individuals from within the Baispani and Khanikola communities to become Improved Cookstove Technicians. These Technicians are being trained in the construction, installation and maintenance of two types of mud-based stove, as well as a metal stove. During the project, improved cookstoves will be constructed, marketed and rolled-out to at least 20% of the population in each community, with subsidies being provided to the poorest members of the community so that they can buy improved cookstoves.

January 2021 Update: E4H is progressing well despite some initial delays due to the impact of the pandemic at the start of the project. The procurement for the solar systems and electrical equipment is underway, with installation planned for February 2021, and training of the Improved Cookstove Technicians has taken place.