NextEnergy Foundation Launches an Endowment Fund

Date: 18/04/2023

NextEnergy Foundation is excited to announce the next stage in its growth and development. In March 2023 we launched an endowment fund.

The strategy operates in five-year cycles and the income generated from investments will supplement the Foundation’s grant-making activities.

The fund’s investments fully align with NEF’s mission – to participate proactively in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions, provide clean power sources in regions where they are not yet available, and contribute to poverty alleviation – and 100% adhere to ‘do-no-harm’ principles.

The Trustees have delegated decision-making on the fund’s investment matters to an Investment Committee, which is composed of Michael Bonte-Friedheim and Edward Caley. NEF has also appointed an investment manager, EQ Investors, to manage the fund.

Please visit the dedicated page on the NEF website for more details about the investment strategy.