Oikos Clean Energy for Clean Water: January 2024 Update

Date: 12/01/2024

NextEnergy Foundation (“NEF”) is following up on the interventions aimed to guarantee and increase the equitable access and economically sustainable rural water schemes in 5 rural villages in the Manyara Region, Tanzania with Oikos. We supported two projects to construct and install  solar-powered water pumps in rural villages across the Kiteto and Simanjiro Districts. The first was completed in 2021 and the second in 2022.  Please refer the project page for more details about the impact of our donations.

Oikos has collaborated with the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (“RUWASA”) to carry out a continuous monitoring of the 5 water schemes and a coaching for the Community Based Water Supply Organisations (“CBWSO”). A new policy of clustering of CBWSOs has been implemented resulting in a more efficient management of the water systems.

Impacts are detailed below:

  • Environmental: 46,045m3 clean water pumped per year from all five systems;
  • Environmental: 43 CO2e emissions avoided annually;
  • Social: 43,037m3 annual water consumption;
  • Economic: estimated annual savings of GBP 22,000, compared to expenditure for previous diesel-powered systems;
  • Economic: water price reduced to GBP 0.5 /m3;
  • Technical: drop in the days of service interruption to 13 days per year.