New Project: Solar-Powered Water Pumps in Tanzania

Date: 04/10/2022

In 2020, NextEnergy Foundation began a partnership with Istituto Oikos (“Oikos”). Oikos is a non-profit organisation which works to safeguard biodiversity and to promote the widespread adoption of more sustainable lifestyles. Please visit the project page for information about the impact of the two solar-powered water pumps which were installed.

Following the success of this work, NextEnergy Foundation is supporting the development of another four solar-powered water pumps in the Kiteto and Simanjiro Districts of Tanzania: 2 in the rural village of Makame and one each in the rural villages of Ngabolo and Kimotorok. The villages were identified by Oikos because none of them previously had access to potable water – inhabitants walked up to 20km to access water which was often contaminated – and local communities identified this as a priority area.

This intervention will extend the aim to provide equitable and environmentally and economically sustainable water access to a further 15,250 rural inhabitants. This includes almost 2,000 children as well as the patients of the local medical clinics for whom good hygiene practices facilitated by clean water access are fundamental. Please visit the project page for more details.

A project update will be shared following the project completion.