Russia-Ukraine War Response

Location: Ukraine

Humanitas is a charity which works to promote the three basic rights of education, family and healthcare. Humanitas has been active in Romania since 2001 and has a medical can which it uses to deliver medical assistance across the country.

Humanitas is bringing its medical van to the border with Ukraine to provide medical supplies and assistance to people fleeing. The NextEnergy Foundation has financed the installation of solar panels on the van so that it does not have to rely on a diesel-powered generator to power the medical equipment. The van is also traveling to hospitals to bring specialised medications requested by doctors working in the hospitals, such as blood substituting drugs and broad spectrum antibiotics.

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May 2022 Update: The van is being used to deliver medical supplies, surgical equipment, food and everyday essentials from Romania to two regional hospitals and numerous displacement centres in Western Ukraine. The team has just delivered the twelfth round of goods.

The solar panels have allowed the team to travel further into Ukraine and for longer periods of time, transporting more supplies. They are powering walkie talkies, laptops, heating and refrigerated medication. Humanitas plans to continue to travel into Ukraine for as long as possible, but if it becomes too dangerous to travel, the van will be stationed on the border between Romania and Ukraine and used as a mobile medical clinic. Should this be the case, the solar panels will be used to charge heart monitors, scanners and other medical equipment that require power and will allow Humanitas to respond to any other refugee crisis in Europe in the same way.

Humanitas wrote: The medical team is incredibly grateful for the NextEnergy Foundation’s support and is thankful for enabling Humanitas to undertake this vital work.

Location: Ukraine

Soleterre Onlus is an organisation which works for the protection and recognition of the right to health in its broadest meaning around the world.

Soleterre has been providing medical treatment, accommodation and psychological support to children with cancer and their families in Kiev and Lviv, Ukraine, since 2003. Together with another local partner, the Zaporuka Foundation, Soleterre is taking action to:

  1. Provide a safe shelter to children with cancer and to their families in Kiev, and to evacuate those able to move to a safer area of Ukraine closer to the eastern border or to Poland;
  2. Ensure continuity in medical care, especially for the children undergoing chemotherapy treatment;
  3. Guarantee flexible and immediate support to the 3 hospitals Soleterre cooperates with: the Institute of Cancer in Kiev, the Neurosurgery Centre in Kiev, and the Regional Pediatric Hospital in Lviv.

NextEnergy Foundation covered the cost of a shipment of medical supplies and medication to the St. Nicolas Hospital in Lviv which will allow 90 children to continue receiving the care they require.

Location: Ukraine

The Akshaya Parta Foundation (“TAPF”) is an Indian NGO which was originally established to eliminate classroom hunger through the provision of fresh and nutritious meals across India.

NextEnergy Foundation (“NEF”) supported TAPF both in the UK and in India throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. TAPF is now distributing hot, vegetarian meals at the border between Ukraine and Poland in partnership with Food for All, a longstanding relationship of theirs, which has set up a kitchen in Medyka, a village in Przemyśl County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland.

TAPF is cooking and distributing meals at the border to people fleeing from Ukraine. The recipients are mostly women, children and elderly. An additional 18,000 meals have been prepared with NEF’s support.