Location: Ukraine

Soleterre is a non-profit Foundation that works for the recognition and enforcement of the Right to Health, providing medical care and assistance and promoting psycho-physical well-being for all, both individually and collectively, at every age and in every part of the world.

Soleterre has been present in Ukraine since 2003 and has been on the front line since the outbreak of war. In 2022, NexEnergy Foundation supported Soleterre covering the cost of a shipment of medical supplies and medication to St. Nicolas Hospital in Lviv (read more).

In two years of collaboration with Zaporuka, a local NGO with 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector, conducting diverse projects across Ukraine, Soleterre has ensured the distribution of medicines, medical supplies and medical staff to 14 hospitals in eight cities in the country.

In 2024 NextEnergy Foundation is funding the installation, operation and maintenance of the 13.3kWp rooftop solar PV system on a Family House (“Dacha”) in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Dacha provides free accommodation for families with seriously ill children undergoing treatment in Kyiv. The Dacha has 13 rooms designed for diverse family needs, including spaces for families with infants, teenagers, and children needing wheelchairs. More than just a place to stay, the Dacha is an extensive complex dedicated to supporting children and families through their treatment and recovery. It includes a psychological support room, a physical rehabilitation room, a play and educational area for children, and a soundproof room for relaxation. Recently, an air-raid shelter has been added for enhanced safety.

The construction works of the Dacha started on November 2019 and the inauguration took place on the 31st of October 2023 and since then the family house has accommodated 46 families.

The instalment of the rooftop solar PV system will further improve the Dacha’s functionality, reducing the Dacha’s energy bills, with savings redirected to the services offered at the Dacha, and provide essential power backup during blackouts due to the ongoing conflict.